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 [Download] Remere's Map Editor

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Data de inscrição : 07/02/2010
Idade : 23
Localização : Serra Talhada

MensagemAssunto: [Download] Remere's Map Editor   Seg Mar 08, 2010 4:05 pm

OLá pessoal da RageZone, sou novo por aqui e quero contribuir com a comunidade.

Sou programador de OpenTibia e irei mostrar a vocês muitas das novidades no mundo do OpenTibia.

Vou começar hoje com um dos melhores editores de mapa que existe para opentibia. Para quem estava procurando ai está ele o Remere's Map Editor. Ahh e para os desenvolvedofres de plantão, esse mapeditor é opensource.

Não está com vírus, pois é do site oficial do remere. Aqui vai o link para download e o ChangeLog:


Código PHP:
Change Log

* Added map cleanup options (removes all invalid items)
* Go to position now works correctly for floors 8.
* Fixed two crash bugs.
* Fixed search for unique.
* NPCs are now imported by file name instead of actual name, means there should
* be no more issues with that.
* Added support for 8.50b.


* Item choice dialog (in containers) can now choose any pickup-able item using a find item dialog.
* You can now flag houses as guildhalls.
* 8.5 support, there are no material files yet.
* 7.4 support, there are no data files for this version, you need to make them on your own.
* You can now select "Don't check file signatures" in the client version dialog, to be [able to load custom / new version.
* Find item dialog now accepts pageup/pagedown to scroll.
* Default values for the "Go to position" dialog.
* Fixed bug where changing map version would not work properly.
* Fixed depots not working in 7.6.
* You can now drag RAW brushes.
* You can now drag optional border brushes.


* Fixed crash when exporting minimap.
* Fixed two crashes that occured when starting the editor.


* Fixed a crash with the waypoint palette.
* Fixed some other issues with the waypoint palette (not updating properly etc.)
* Fixed bug with menus not loading properly.
* Added all 8.4 creatures.
* Added the 8.4 extensio by Xenios.


* Waypoint palette is now enabled by default. Hotkeys no longer fires in the text fields.
* Waypoint are now imported when using "Import Map"
* You can now have multiple palettes open.
* You can now configure hotkeys and the layout of the menu through the file menubar.xml in the data folder.
* Editor now makes temporary backups of the map while saving, and they can be recovered the next time the editor starts (if it crashed).
* Goto Position dialog.
* Fixed crash related to houses.
* Improved some dialogs.
* Fixed bug with recent files sometimes loading the wrong file.


* Fixed bug that caused maps to be saved in invalid format for version pre-8.4
* Fixed a bug with the menus not updating (causing crashes)
* Better sorting of the RAW palette, by Marcotimmers


* 8.4 support!
* Fixed 7.6 data files.
* Fixed bug with floor menu not updating.
* Fixed bug where editor would take "Cancel" as "No" in the "are you sure" dialog.
* Fixed a few minor bugs...


* Undraw now works for doodad brush (same as using the eraser)
* Eraser now finally works.
* Fixed crash when pasting without having cut/copied anything.
* Optimizations to rendering.
* Fixed bug where you could have an area selected in drawing mode.
* Fixed crash with selection.
* Jump to Brush now sorts RAW brushes by item ID, not name.
* Improved unique search.
* Fixed corruption of towns when bringing up the map statistics screen.
* Deleting/Cutting tiles now causes border refresh.
* Fixed crash when selecting a tool brush, switching to another palette, entering/
* exiting prefrences and then clicking Q.


* Opening a map through explorer now opens it in a new tab (instead of a new window). Configureable through settings.
* Window now flashes when loading completes.
* Fixed bug where the entire editor window would refresh while drawing.
* Editor should now crash less when downgrading a map containing new items.
* The editor no longer crashes when clicking on the minimap without a map open.
* Redo now works correctly when used repeatedly.
* Fixed the eraser brush.
* Fixed house palette not updating properly when closing a tab (causing a crash).
* Fixed bug with menus not updating.
* Fixed bug with changing palette background color.


* Tabs, yes tabs. You can now view multiple maps at the same time, and copy/paste between them.
* Fixed bug that prevented the "Goto Destination" from displaying.
* Fixed bug that would cause 8.11 maps as being treated as "not-supported"
* The editor can now load 8.31 data files (still no change in format between 8.20 and 8.30).
* Added "Highlight Items" option to the view menu.
"Out of memory" error should now be correctly displayed when exporting minimap.
* Multiple bug and crash-fixes.


* Fixed a bug where the editor would crash when right clicking on rotatable items.


* Tibia Client 8.22 support.
* Experimental Tibia Client 7.6 support!
* Added "Goto Destination" for teleports.
* House Palette should now look correct without having to resize it.
* Hitting Enter while the Result Window is focused no longer closes the editor.
* You can now change properties of a border item without having to turn off automagic.
* Fixed a bug with the about window Wink
* Fixed bug with the "Use large house size icons" & "Use large terrain tools" settings.


* Fixed bug when converting from 8.00 to a higher version.
* Fixed border bug with inner zilch border.
* Fixed some errors in the materials file.
* Added a few new doodads.
* Added the "smithing" extension by Sadza.
* Fixed coloring issue in the about menu.
* Fixed bug with house palette not updating during map conversion
* Fixed bug where "automagic" checkbox was inversed.


* You can now reload the data files easily by tapping F5
* Export minimap no longer resizes the main map
* Editor no longer crashes while loading/saving under certain circumstances.
* Editor should no longer display an improper error message when failing to load a map.
* Support for client version 8.20/8.21, OTB 3 and OTBM 1
* Editor can now load both 8.10 and 8.11 data files for version 8.10.
* Palette completely recoded, editor should now load alot faster. Also added more configuration properties to the palette.
* Hotkeys are now working when the palette has focus.
* Fixes to certain border intersection.
* Another massive update to the materials file.
* Added user made extensions by Uforoid, Bobany, Heer Karel and others (?)
* Fixed selection bug that made you unable to select 1 vertical line.
* Fixed bug with the minimap that made it show the wrong part of the map if it wasn't evenly dimensioned.
* Fixed a bug where "on_blocking" brushes would be placed on empty tiles.
* Jump To Item/Brush dialog now displays images of the items you are searching for.
* You can now press Q to jump to the previous brush.
* You can now double click to open the Properties window.
* You can no longer continue playing the games after you've lost.
* Fixed coloring of the worm in snake, it is now a much brighter hue.
* Fixed bug where the title would not update under wxGTK (Linux)
* Improved doodad loading warning messages
* Added the "clear_optional_borders" attribute to doodad brushes.
* Fixed crash bug with "Recent Files"
* Find Item is no longer enabled when you have no map loaded.
* Map Conversion is now several thousand times faster.
* Spawn Radius is saved when closing the editor.
* "Select Creature" is now working properly.
* Editor no longer crashes when exporting a very large minimap (it displays an error instead)
* Added an update checker to the editor for future versions.
* Custom Monsters are now stored in the Application Data directory under Windows or ./data/user under Linux, so the original files are not cluttered with custom monsters.
* USE_MEMCACHED_SPRITES is now FALSE by default, editor will force this setting when loaded for the first time. Should reduce memory usage by 40-60 MB.
* Fixed a bug where the screen would go black when converting the map to another version.
* Fixed a bug that crashed the map editor when exporting a map.


* Installer now checks if .NET 2.0 is installed.
* Unicode support. Should now work under Ubuntu "out of the box" (wxWidgets Unicode is standard AFAIK)
* Added a Recent files menu.
* You can now search for items using CTRL+F (Show Spawns moved to S)
* You can now list unique items, items with action IDs and containers containing items using Edit->Find Unique.
* You can now search for any brush using the Jump to Item menu, you can switch between searching for brushes/items using CTRL+J
* Improvements to all dialogs, they should now have more appropriate sizes.

Bug fixes:

* Editor no longer incorrectly treats files as "pre 7.6"
* Brushes now render correctly when "Show Only Colors" is enabled
* Eraser is now visible when using a circular brush
* Minimap checkbox now reflects whether the minimap is displayed or not
* Town IDs now start at 1
* Rune charges are now saved
* Items no longer display in "Others" if they're present in another category
* Copy & Cut now handles spawns/creatures
* You can now set the data directory to point to another directory (mainly useful for debugging)
* Rerandomizing the entire map should no longer reset stairs etc.
* Creature palette is now sorted by name.
* Creature palette should now update correctly when importing monsters and NPCs.


* Installer now available for windows
* Dockable windows added
* Window size and layout is saved between sessions
* Bug with spawns not loading when on another volume than the working directory fixed
* Improvments to materials, including some user-made extensions.
* Special items (459, 460) are now hidden when taking screenshots
* House exits are hidden when "show houses" is unchecked
* Top order now works correctly for items (items display in-editor as ingame)
* RAW brushes now works like in SimOne's editor (doesn't allow more than 1 item with toporder 2 on a tile), can be configured in settings
* Fixed bug with minimap colors (when exporting)
* Optmizations to map saving, should be up to 5 times faster!
* Fixed crash bugs with not having a version loaded.
* Wall items are now placed in the proper order on a tile (Mainly relevant to trails, which will now be ABOVE rocks)
* Fixed some strange options in dialogs & reduced the amount of errors when not loading any version.
* Configuration file can now be stored locally instead of in the registry under Windows. Create an empty rme.cfg file in the installation directory and the editor will save settings there from then on.


* Numerous bugfixes
* Minimap window added
* "Randomize map" & "Randomize selection" no longer removes aid/uid
* If a creature is outside the spawn radius when loaded, a new spawn will be created
* Editor now supports both 8.1 & 8.0, you can switch using the Map Properties menu
* You can now switch the function of the center and right mouse buttons
* Improvements to materials, added jungle doodads, included some of Dark Master's & Devil Boy's extensions...
* Added an "untouchable" classification for walls, these will not be re-randomized
* When removing a door the tile below will now be "wallized".
* "Others" and "NPCs" tilesets will now always display
* Item 459 & 460 renders correctly now.
* Fixed a crashbug with "Select Creature"
* The House Palette sizebar now works correctly.
* Most doodad brushes will now not place themselves on one tile two times, you can overrule this behaviour by holding down ALT or change on_duplicate in the materials file
* You can now "replace draw" with ground brushes, hold down ALT and drag, you will only replace tiles of the same type as the one you started drawing on.


* Stackables are now placed with default count 1, not 255
* You can no longer give runes more than 250 charges
* Less warnings when loading 8.1 files
* Editor does not crash when extension directory is unavailable
* Source updated to work with x64 (Thanks mips_act)


* Materials Extensions are now available!
* New file structure
* You can inverse mouse movement in the settings menu
* You can now change brushsize using ALT+mousewheel or '[' and ']'
* Alternate keyboard shortcuts for some stuff
* A floor menu
* Editor will now create screenshot directory if it doesn't exist
* Improvments to load bar
* You can now rotate items using the right-click menu.
* Editor will now properly warn for non-8.0 .dat/.spr
* Brushes that are not in the palette will no longer display as choices when right clicking
* README & COPYING are now .txt files so they're easier to read
* Jump to item will now scroll to the selected item (Credits to SimOne Smile
* Cleaned up materials loading code
* Turning on/off autobordering is now only A, not CTRL+A
* Better about dialog
* The OK button in the "Jump to item" dialog now actually works
* Screenshot directory is now created if it doesn't exist
* The editor will no longer save incorrect -spawn & -house files for newly-created maps
* Better display of warnings from the materials file
* Jump to item now doesnt just end up in the creature palette
* Brushes that are not displayed in the palette are no longer available as options when right-clicking
* The editor will no longer ask about saving automaticly created maps
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[Download] Remere's Map Editor
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